Martial arts have existed in many forms throughout history. In all traditions, martial arts were not only concerned with self-defense but also with self-development. In Japan, the code of conduct known as Bushido, which means the Way of the Warrior, became a unique way of forming the character of the individual. This talk will explore principles of Bushido and how to apply them in daily life.

Accompanying Practical Workshop - Sunday 26th April at 3.30pm

Through simple, practical exercises we will get to know ourselves better and gain a deeper understanding of how our mind, emotions and body work. We'll explore solutions on how to use our qualities to overcome our challenges, helping us to assert ourselves in a positive manner. To participate in this workshop, attendance to the talk on Bushido is required. No previous knowledge of martial arts is needed. (wear comfortable clothing & flat footwear)

Saturday 25th April @ 3.30pm