The Nature of Responsibility

Responsibility is a fundamental aspect of human development yet we find ourselves living in times which view responsibility as a burden and limiting obligation. The term 'Adulting' has found its way into the vernacular...

Sat, Oct 22nd at 3.00pm

The Human Being and the Inner Battle

Ancient, sacred texts teach us that there is a battle that takes place inside each of us; as well as highlighting the cause of this con ict, they make suggestions about how we...

Sat, Oct 22nd at 4.00pm

Becoming a Peaceful Warrior

The peaceful warrior adopts an attitude of surpassing oneself every day; in both an inner and external approach, spiritual and civic minded. It is a timeless approach leading to an awareness of oneself, others and nature...

Sat, Oct 8th at 3.00pm

Idealism in Adversity: Martin Luther King

Being an idealist is about having a vision and acting in the world to make that vision a reality. We all have a vision of who we are...

Kinsale room, Royal Hotel, Main Str, Bray

Sat 10th Sept 2016 at 6pm

The Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Bardo Thodol, which means "Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State", is a text from a larger body of teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. It is know in the West...

Thu 8th Sept at 7.30pm

Mindfulness and Concentration according to Tibetan Buddhism

The practice of concentration is an essential step in the creation of our personal destiny. It enables us to clear our minds of confusion and develop self-control. Exercising concentration in our...

Sat 10th September at 3pm

Practical Keys for Modern Problems

  • 3pm - On the Brevity of Life
  • 4pm - On What is and is Not Within Our Control
  • 5pm - On Strength Through Crisis

Saturday 18th June

H. P. Blavatsky: her extraordinary life and works

Enigmatic, brilliant, unusual: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky travelled seven times around the world. Bearing a message of inner life which was against the current of popular thought...

Saturday 7th May at 3pm

Discover the Power of the Mind

  • 3pm - Can we think for ourselves
  • 4pm - Creative Imagination - its impact in daily Life

Saturday 23rd April at 3pm & 4pm

The Heroes of Wisdom

A series of free talks looking at some Heroes of Wisdom

  • 3pm - Hypatia: The story of a great mind
  • 4pm - Giordano Bruno: A Hero of Philosophy

Saturday 12th March at 3pm & 4pm

An Understanding of the Feminine

Symbolism of Brigit and the Spring Celebration of Imbolc.

Thursday 28th January at 7.30pm

The Spirit of Victory

A series of free talks look at the spirit of victory in sport and martial arts.

  • 3pm - The Olympic Games
  • 4pm - The Origin of Martial Arts

Saturday 16th January at 3pm & 4pm

The Mystical Physcology of Jung

  • 3pm - Persona and Shadow: The ways in which we perceive ourselves and others
  • 4pm - What is Inner Life? An approach by C.G. Jung
Saturday 13th February 2016 at 3pm & 4pm