Sometimes we get so caught up trying to invent the newest solution to life's problems, we forget that others in history have gone through the same challenges and many have proposed real, viable approaches for managing the complexities of life. Join us for a trifecta of talks, tackling topics on time management, taking control of what matters and handling crisis from the perspective of Stoicism's greatest philosophers.

  • 3pm - On the Brevity of Life - Seneca explains how to use our time better
  • 4pm - On What is and is Not Within Our Control - Epictetus describes learning to work within our 'sphere of influence'
  • 5pm - On Strength Through Crisis - Marcus Aurelius helps us understand how to approach the crises we face and how to master them

Saturday 18th June @ 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

   Find us on Google Maps (43 Lower Rathmines Road)

   01 496 8310

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