Contradictions of the Modern World in Cinema

Many cinema directors have left us films not only with criticism but also with analysis of our modern world. In some cases they did it through filmed versions of great literary works, in others bringing their own vision... Read More

Sat, 8th Apr at 3pm


The Hero Within: To Dare To Develop the Spirit of Victory

To dare to accept one's ignorance and fragilities, to develop courage by putting one foot in front of the other and risking to fall and get up as quickly as possible are the marks of the Hero...

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Sat, 11th Mar at 3pm


The Ideal of the Good Man as per Confucius

The good man seeks for the fulfillment of the Good or ren.

Ren is a virtue of humanity, it doesn't refer to an abstract, absolute Good but to the good people can do for each other.

The Good man seeks for the Good in thought... Read More

Sat, Feb 25th at 3pm


The Myth of the Cave and the Art of Spin

From ancient Greece to present day there have been influences of manipulation in society which have worked to condition thought and distract from... Read More

Royal Hotel, Main Str, Bray

Wed 22nd Feb 2017 at 7.30pm

Authenticity - Can we be authentic in today's world?

We could say that authenticity is the art of being authentic, the art of discovering and telling the truth. However, we have become accustomed to lying, half-truths, and what today we call spin. When looking at the... Read More

Sat, Feb 25th at 4pm


How To Work With Time

Time is a resource we often find difficult to manage. We never seem to have enough and the sense of "racing against time" is a common theme for the human being. But this is not an original challenge for humanity, despite the fast paced environment of ... Read More


Thu, Jan 19th at 7.30pm

The Art of Decision Making

Making decisions is an integral part of our lives, yet we can take this freedom to make our own decisions for granted. How often do we reflect on what motivates our decisions? Why do we sometimes find decision making a difficult process?...Read More

Sat, Jan 14th at 3.00pm