"Being part of New Acropolis has given me a new perspective on living. Rather than seeing life's challenges as something to be avoided where possible, I see them as an opportunity to learn and develop as a person. This has completely changed my outlook and really helped me to embrace day to day life."

Jennifer , Dublin

“Informative, Rewarding, Satisfying… These words are usually tossed around a lot when it comes to describing the things we do. However during the last 18 months in New Acropolis they really have come to live and have been given a deeper meaning. I gained new perspectives on things and am grateful for the insights provided in class.”

Markus , Stuttgart

“The foundation course got me engaged in philosophy. The comparison of classical Eastern and Western philosophy has proven to me that universal values do exist and that there are like-minded people willing to live out these values in every inch of life.”

Saskia , Netherlands

"This course looks at eastern and western philosophies from a very practical standpoint. The instructors consistently redirected philosophical ideas to everyday life. I found it very useful to be given the chance to reflect on philosophical ideas in the context of my own everyday experiences in this way."

Simon , Ireland

“I didn't know a whole lot about philosophy before the course but the way each subject was presented made it really accessible. I was amazed at how much the different topics resonated with me and group participation meant it was so much more than just another boring lecture. Fantastic stuff.”

Aidan , Ireland

“It was great to see what different traditions suggested on how to become a better person or how to have a better society. There is a lot to be learnt from their experiences. It was an exciting discovery for me. Highly recommended."

Ivona , Austria

“My previous experience of philosophy was more academic so doing the Foundation Course with New Acropolis gave me a whole new perspective on how philosophy actually applies to everyday life. I really enjoyed getting a deeper insight into the history of philosophy ranging from Ancient Greece to Buddhism and Hinduism and then exploring how their teachings have been carried forward and are still completely relevant today, helping us to live a calmer, more focused and subsequently better and happier life.”

Roisin , Ireland